The team of idoly is composed of influencers, lovers of technology and especially social networks ... The number of hours we spent in them: p

Our purpose is to make people smile thanks to their idols. We also have them and we love it when one of them dedicates a personalized video to us. We follow lots of Youtubers, musicians, instagramers, television characters and we love what we do, the truth is that it is very busy but it is soooo funny when they send us some video with the surprised face that our users put when they see the characters that follow and of those who are fans congratulating them the birthday, the anniversary, wishing them luck for the exams ...

As we have said we love to make people smile at any cost, so true to our principles here you have a video of some cows reacting to a Jazz band Enjoy! vídeo de unas vacas reaccionando a una banda de Jazz ¡Disfrutad!

P.S. We promise to change the video of the cows for one of us doing the idiot in the office in the near future 🙂